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Apply as a member of the United Family

Are you or someone you know employed at United and interested in transitioning to a career as a pilot? How about a child of a United employee, or a former United Flight Operations intern pursuing a pilot career? If any of the above applies to you or someone you know, we encourage applying to Aviate.

The United family program process

Details and requirements

Step 1 Meet eligibility requirements

Steps vary depending on eligibility. Select your United status to find out more:

Step 2 Apply to Aviate

Steps vary depending on eligibility. Select your United status above to find out more.

Step 3 Fly & gain experience towards ATP minimums

  • Work toward your ATP or R-ATP hour requirement
    • While Aviate has many high-quality partners to gain valuable experience, you may work as a commercial pilot at any operator, instruct at your local airport, or build hours in any manner you would like toward your R-ATP or ATP hour requirement. Our partners include:

      Partner universities

      Auburn University California Aeronautical University Delaware State University Elizabeth City State University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Florida Tech Hampton University Kent State University Lewis University Louisiana Tech University Metropolitan State University of Denver Middle Georgia State University The Ohio State University Purdue University Southern Illinois University University of Nebraska Omaha University of North Dakota Western Michigan University

      Partner flight schools

      ATP Cornerstone Aviation Epic Flight Academy Phoenix East Aviation US Aviation Academy

      Part 135 operators

      Ameriflight JSX Tradewind Wiggins Airways

Step 4 Fly with an Aviate United Express carrier or Part 135 operator

Flying with our Aviate-participating United Express (UAX) carriers or Part 135 operators provides invaluable flying experience.

United Express carriers

CommuteAir GoJet Airlines Mesa Airlines

Part 135 operators

Ameriflight JSX Tradewind Wiggins Airways
  • Secure your path to a United First Officer position by completing 1,200 PIC (Pilot in Command) hours with an Aviate-participating UAX carrier or Part 135 operator
  • For full details, see Chapter 5 of the APG

Step 5 Transition to United as a First Officer

Once you complete your minimum transition requirements, you will be eligible to transition to United as a First Officer.

You must also meet the following to be eligible for transition:

  • Current passport with at least six-months of validity remaining at time of employment
  • Legal right to work in the United States without sponsorship
  • Must be able to travel freely within the United States and without restriction to all countries United serves
  • Meet all additional First Officer hiring requirements

You will be assigned a First Officer class date and start at United within four (4) months of meeting the PIC hours requirement.

Any questions?

Full details regarding Aviate eligibility and transition requirements can be found in the Aviate Program Guide (APG). For questions not covered in the APG, please provide your information and question in the space provided, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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